My name is Stribor and I turned my passion into a career.

I am a web designer. I love what I do and it shows in my work. Technology is a new form of art and I am also one of the artists. I like to create websites thatbesides looking good, their functionality improves the user experience and helps you as an entrepreneur take your brand to the next level and attract more customers.
Stribor Marincic
web designer
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I decided to be a freelancer and go my own way.

On the recommendation of people, I started with the first few clients, both web design and graphic design. Looking back now, in my beginnings I didn’t know much, but I was happy because I can do awhat I want.

Every day I improve my skills and expand my knowledge. Today, I am confident in my abilities, with experience behind me, the will and desire to continue learning, I have a wide range of knowledge that I use to make my ideas come to life.

I love to create. I am always excited when I embark on new adventures and solve new problems.

And so, one page at a time, I try to make the Internet a bit more beautiful.

jos niste odlucili striboss
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